Commercial Concrete Services Rockport, TX

Roof of construction site of new multi-storey residential building, industrial construction crane and other industry equipment

What do commercial concrete contractors exactly do?

The first person to respond to this question would probably say that commercial concrete contractors pour concrete, but this is only part of their work. Although pouring concrete is a significant component of their work, some other tasks are equally important.

They are responsible for preparing the site where the concrete will be poured, ensuring that the subgrade is level, providing forms for the required amount of concrete, and then pouring it correctly. If the forms used are not made accurately or are not prepared to keep the concrete in place, it can lead to problems with the form of the final work.

Commercial concrete companies use various methods and tools for their construction projects, depending on the project itself. For example, when installing concrete in a basement, these professionals may use vibrating tools to keep the concrete from becoming over-stressed and cracking while still in its wet stage.

Tools like these are commonly seen in precast installations because they help prevent the units from becoming damaged before they reach their final destination. Other tools such as power saws or forklifts may be used when removing any obstructions that might stand in the way of completing a job. These obstructions can include existing buildings, trees, sidewalks, and other vehicles and equipment that someone owns and must be moved to make way for the installation.

Our Commercial Concrete Services

If you’re in the Rockport area and the surrounding communities, we can achieve any concrete projects in your business. Our commercial concrete services are perfect for new construction, renovations, business parking lots, and warehouse floors.

Concrete is versatile. With our quality materials, experienced workmanship, and a large selection of colors, you can achieve what would be impossible with natural stone or asphalt. We have years of experience installing all types of concrete surfaces. Our equipment, extensive product knowledge, and expertise in pouring concrete enable us to take on the most technical jobs successfully.

Business parking lots can be poured in several different ways. One popular choice is an exposed aggregate finished with polymeric sand. The result is an appealing look that will last at least 20 years before requiring maintenance. We can also install interlocking pavers for your business location if you prefer the upscale appearance of brick but don’t want to worry about its upkeep. If cost is an issue, consider colored concrete. It provides the look of brick without the high cost associated with installation or upkeep.

We have a wide selection of colors for business owners who wish to enhance the appearance of their location through stamped or colored concrete. We can work from your blueprints for new construction and make sure every line is exactly where you wish it to be on the surfaces we pour. We can create almost any design imaginable with our expertise in pouring concrete, including logos and company slogans, right inside your parking lot surface.

The commercial concrete services we offer include:

  • Poured concrete basements for residential homes
  • Driveways and sidewalks 
  • Patios and walkways using stamped or colored concrete 
  • Interlocking brick paver installation
  • Interlocking block paving 
  • Commercial concrete flooring

We also provide decorative stamped concrete, overlays, colored epoxy flooring, and more. We have the products to create just the look you want for your commercial business or home. When it comes to quality of service, workmanship, and price, no one beats our commercial concrete services for Rockport homes and businesses. 

Contact us to schedule an estimate to help you with all your projects.

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